• Accessories for handling modules Festo offers handling systems for a huge range of applications in handling and assembly technology for your specific requirements. These accessories include adapter plates, mounting brackets and electrical adapters.
  • Accessories for positioning controllers and regulators: Festo offers accessories for positioning controllers and regulators. From operator unit, connecting cables, connecting plugs, filter, brake resistors and adapters to power supply units.
  • Complete vacuum range consisting of simple vacuum generators, valves suitable for vacuum, vacuum switches and vacuum grippers, Festo also offers accessories for this product range. Accessories include vacuum displays, vacuum filters, vacuum security valves, compensating, assembly, connection components and more.
  • These are ready-to-install cartesian robots for multi-dimensional movements based on Festo linear and slide drives or parallel kinematic systems. A precise solution is available for every application, from extremely small to sturdy and highly dynamic handling systems. Linear, planar surface and three-dimensional gantries enable free positioning within a linear range up to a three-dimensional space.
  • The Festo Vacuum technology classic segment comprises of Vacuum generator VAD, Vacuum generator VAD-M, VAD-M-I and Vacuum generatorVADM, VADMI.
  • Festo offers ready-to-connect and tested control systems from a single source that can significantly reduce the commissioning and integration costs, whether they are systems for simple control tasks or complex controllers of a highly dynamic movement. With their user-friendly and maintenance-friendly design, the Festo control systems complete the ready-to-connect solution packages for all handling systems. Safety-related electric components and control technology from Festo provide you with the security that safety measures are implemented in compliance with the Machinery Directive.
  • Controllers for stepper motors The stepper controller program offers a cost-effective and straightforward way of implementing electrical movements; in particular, the OMS (Optimised Motion Series) makes moving and positioning easier than ever before and much more cost-effective than conventional electric solutions. Our stepper controllers generally provide "open-loop" and "closed-loop" options, i.e. the option of being operated with an encoder. Controllers for servo motors The servo controller range is specially designed for our toothed belt axes and spindle axes as well as for our electric cylinders – perfect in combination with engineering software and enhanced with complete safety solutions in the mechanical and drive systems. Together with our automation platform and other comprehensive motion control solutions, the servo drives provide a virtually unlimited range of solutions for industrial automation tasks, supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration. Thanks to the variety of available field buses such as PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT®, PROFIBUS, Modbus®, CANopen and DeviceNet®, the servo controllers are ideally suited for communication with virtually all PLCs.
  • Product range offers standard directional control valves, universal directional control valves, application-specific directional control valves and electric or pneumatic actuation for your machine efficiency.
  • Positioning drives – planning and designing electric drives Create the optimum drive package quickly and reliably. Positioning drives calculate suitable combinations of the electric axis, electric motor and motor controller using just a few application details. It provides you with all the relevant data, including the bill of materials and documentation for the selected combination. This helps avoid design errors and results in significantly improved energy efficiency for the system.
  • Gear units The range of straight-cut planetary and bevel gears is coordinated with the stepper and servo motors from Festo. The gearbox range includes the standard transmission from 3:1 to 20:1 ratios. The standard gearbox range comes with mounting plates for Festo stepper and servo motors.
  • These are ready-to-install functional modules for repositioning, feeding and removing small parts in extremely confined spaces. The movement is force-guided via a slotted link and enables very short cycle times. Depending on the handling system, either a C- or L-shaped movement is carried out. The movements in the Y and Z direction are variable within a range of 40 millimetres. The handling modules are designed to be used with electric, servo-pneumatic or pneumatic drives. Pre-assembled modules with an attached drive are also available. The interface to the workpiece allows various gripper types from Festo to
  • Flexible and compact mechanically and manually operated directional control valves for a wide range of pneumatic applications.


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