Working in close collaboration with FESTO South Africa, trading directly with Germany, PEX provides wise and intuitive solutions by making digitalized pneumatics. The 4th industrial revolution is a modernized transformation having the options of gathering and analyzing data via machines. Higher quality goods are produced faster, more efficiently and with more flexibility at a lower cost. As a reliable partner, PEX offers ongoing training facilities.



  • Survey offered to clients to analyze requirements and offer proposed solutions.
  • Troubleshooting on existing pneumatic equipment.
  • Detailed report presented to client.
  • Installation of pneumatic equipment.
  • Servicing and repairs done at workshop as per required standards.
  • Provide on call services to ensure customer requests are attended promptly.
  • Some of our biggest clients are: Alteo Milling, Terra Milling, Omnicane, PBL, Maurifood  Ltd, Oxenham, La Farge, United Basalt Product, Gamma Equipment


Develops and manufactures sensors for the measurement of level, point level and pressure as well as equipment and software for integration  into process  control systems. Leading innovator in 2018 at the TOP 100 competition German SMEs.


Wastewater treatment, Drinking water supply, Chemical, Energy, Food industry, Mining and metal processing, Oil and gas offshore, Paper industry, Refining and petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Ship and Yacht building, Environment and recycling and Cement industry.